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Northern Lakes Energy Center Now Offers Pipe Thawing Services

Northern Lakes Energy Center is now able to thaw 1/2-inch to one-inch copper or iron piping used for domestic water or boiler systems.

Frozen water pipes? Contact the Northern Lakes Energy Center for professional pipe thawing services. Our electric pipe thawing equipment can quickly and safely thaw your frozen copper or iron water pipes by passing low voltage, high current AC electricity through the frozen pipe up to 100 feet.

With an electric pipe thawer it is only necessary to heat the frozen pipe enough to melt a thin film of ice on the inside of the pipe. The warmer water under standard pressure in the pipe before the blockage will seep through the melted film and quickly melt the rest of the ice. Once sufficient ice is melted a flow will be resumed towards the open faucet downstream of the blockage.

Welcome to Northern Lakes Energy Center

Welcome to Northern Lakes Energy Center where we strive to make you and your family as comfortable as possible. The Energy Center provides many different products and services including heating, air conditioning, air quality control, and propane to guarantee your home is always the best place to be. We make sure that when Mother Nature throws a tantrum, dinner is on the table and the game is on television with backup and portable generators that can get you through the most unpredictable of weather conditions.

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